The Hikikomori Pact – The Questions(-0) – The Phone – Single – Now Available Everywhere!

Official Release – The Hikikomori Pact – The Questions(-0) – The Phone- Single

Release Notes:

All Composition, Arrangement, Instruments, and Vocal Performances by Jeremiah A. Boothe, (except for the added synth on the bridge by Jason Purdue.)




searching for common ground among the grains of sand
the first I find turns to glass and cuts my hand
perhaps it’s our nature to squeeze so hard
that our own skin begins to part
grasping for a common thread empathy denied
needle and thread sew our wounds intertwined
perhaps it’s our pleasure to stab at our woes(or cut down our foes)
before the plasma even flows


warriors whine and groan trying to eat their own
rebel on the roam sizing up people
the media plays its role, stroking the liars scold
greedier get the trolls, making us violent


reaching for the upper hand to drag the anger down
advantage gained weighs a ton causing us to drown
it may be the urge to stomp on the cracks(breaking our backs)
leaving us weakened and exposed


citizens on the phone trying to reach their home
camera on the roll shooting the feeble
vengeance meets a goal, stoking the fires cold
meteors hit the poles, shaking us violently


leave me to wade through the shit
better yet, I’ll be king of the hill
don’t forget, that you will be here too
swimming in, our collective excrement


soldiers of bemoan indoctrinate their clones
observers in the zone blowing up lethal
shrapnel hits the bone making the body fold
the media plays it’s role, insert deniers(here)

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Official Release – The Hikikomori Pact – The Questions(-0) – The Phone – Single

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